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Who doesn't need a little something something for their sweet tooth? 

At Indulge by Palazzo we offer the perfect sized gourmet non-fried mini donuts! 

Whether you are looking for a quick sweet, in need of bringing a unique treat to work or want to surprise someone special for their big day, these donuts will not disappoint!

For our fitness gurus looking to stay on track we offer our gourmet mini donuts protein style as well, not to mention our delicious protein packed shakes!

We also serve Wethersfield's own Drumroll coffee!

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Our Story

Indulge by Palazzo is a unique cafe that brings family tradition, a passion for fitness and the love of sweets together all under one roof and in one bite.  It has always been a dream of the owner to follow in both of her grandfathers' footsteps and own a family business.  After working in the fitness industry for 10 years, it was only fitting to take her passion for a balanced lifestyle and mix it with her love of family and sweets.  After all, understanding the importance of living a balanced life and enjoying the little things is what makes life so sweet.

I hope you enjoy my little sweet shop, and I hope you continue to....

"Work Hard, Indulge Often."

~Nicole Palazzo

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Gourmet Non-fried Mini Donuts

We make both protein mini donuts and regular mini donuts! 


Our mini donuts without added protein are non-fried and are a bite of heaven! Be sure to try our Mama's House signature donut made with our very own family recipe!

Our protein donuts are made with high-quality ingredients including whole wheat flour, greek yogurt and the best protein powder around.  Our toppings are the balanced part of the indulgence!

Our Signature Indulgences
Just like Mamas House

We bake our mama's

famous italian ricotta almond cookies

daily in a small batch and offer large batches to order! 

We are now offering our italian biscotti available in small batch daily or large batches to order!

Flavors offered: Anise, Almond, Vanilla, Choc. Drizzle

Almond or lemon loaf cake available to order!

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Mini Donut Egg Sandwiches

Yes, you read that correctly!

We offer mini donut egg sandwiches daily until 11 a.m.!

We cut 4 of our mini donuts right in half and place 2 whole eggs, bacon and cheese in the middle giving these sandwiches the perfect sweet and savory taste!

Protein Shakes

No skipping meals here!  Grab a quick high-quality, high-protein shake to stay fueled throughout your day.  Yes, protein is important for everyone to stay strong and healthy, not just gym goers :) We use the highest quality of standard protein to ensure you are getting exactly what you need!


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